Sitemaps and Where to Find a Visual Sitemap Generator


A sitemap is an organized list or flow chart that shows a connection between web pages, web page trees, and web content. Sitemaps are an excellent method for planning and communicating ideas about a website’s structure. They make navigating your site easier and are useful for both search engines and your users to direct them to the web pages they should visit. Note that, there are different kinds of sitemaps; for human interaction and search engine indexing, and you should have both for your site if you really want your website to stick out and stay relevant. Check out nice options at Slickplan sitemap.

Sitemaps have many other uses, other than navigation. They are a means to communicate any changes within your website to search engines, they help to classify content on your site to help search engines and users relate web pages, and they increase the chances of your website being indexed. It is projected that sitemaps will be a standard way of submitting a new site to search engines and as they improve their indexing algorithms, more sites will be indexed faster via sitemaps.

There are two ways of generating a sitemap for your website; using an online sitemap generation tool or downloading and installing a sitemap generator. The former is more comfortable because if you’re less technical. Once you have a sitemap, the next steps are uploading it your site, then notifying Google about the update to include your sitemap to their sitemap accounts. Note that, some other search engines do not support sitemaps, while others may require different versions. Also, before adding a sitemap to your account, you will be required by Google to verify that you are the owner of the site. check out this Visual Sitemap Generator.

An excellent example of a sitemap builder you can refer to on the Internet is Slickplan. It is an easy platform for anyone who feels challenged by some of the technical processes that are associated with sitemap generation. Slickplan automatically creates boxes for your web pages, connects, and aligns them. It allows you to color code your sitemap by levels, making it easy to read.

When using Slickplan, it is possible to save every updated sitemap afresh, then reference older versions for comparison. The tool allows you to export and share your sitemap in various file formats, and it integrates with other applications such as WordPress, among others. Slickplan gives you a free trial and is affordable after that for monthly use. It is one of those tools which enables you to actually organize content rather than fiddle with software. Wondering what a sitemap is? Watch this:


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